Experience Realistic Flight Training

Bravo 6 Flight Academy’s Advanced Flight Simulator

At Bravo 6 Flight Academy, we’re excited to introduce our state-of-the-art advanced aviation training device – the Redbird FMX.

Our simulator provides an unparalleled training experience, offering benefits that go beyond traditional flight training methods. Unlike any other location within several hundred miles, Bravo 6 Flight Academy proudly hosts this cutting-edge full-motion simulator.

What Makes Our Simulator Stand Out?

Realistic Training

Immerse yourself in an authentic flight experience with our Advanced Aviation Training Device. Accumulate valuable flight hours that count towards your training requirements.

Rapid Skill Development

Enhance your skills efficiently. Repeat challenging maneuvers seamlessly in our simulator, allowing for accelerated skill development.

Simulated Emergency Training

Navigate emergency scenarios and diverse weather conditions in a safe and controlled environment. Prepare for real-world challenges without compromising safety.


Optimize your budget by choosing our simulator at just $65/hr, a substantial saving compared to the $145/hr cost of flying a plane.

Accessible Anytime

Break free from the constraints of real-world flight conditions. Train at any time, regardless of weather or time of day, ensuring consistent and flexible learning opportunities.


Introducing the Redbird FMX, the first flight simulator designed to meet the challenges of modern flight training. Packed with features that redefine industry standards, the FMX offers unmatched value for aspiring aviators and provides unique advantages not found in other training devices.

  • Dynamic motion platform for an immersive flight experience.
  • Realistic visuals with wrap-around views at an affordable price.
  • Recognized by over 20 aviation authorities, including FAA and EASA.
  • No electrical requirements for a hassle-free training experience.