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We’re creating commercial Pilots

The Commercial Pilot License Program at Bravo 6 is built to get you from zero hours to commercial flying in as little as 1 year. This accelerated program taught by some of the best CFI’s in Idaho is taught right here in East Idaho. Get started on your fast track to a career in the skies. Call today.

Introducing Our New Flight Simulator

Embark on an extraordinary aviation journey with Bravo 6 Flight Academy’s newest Flight Simulator! Take your training to new heights with the Redbird FMX. Our cutting-edge simulator offers a realistic flight experience, perfect for both beginners and seasoned pilots.

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Programs to Fit Your Mission

Commercial Pilot

Start your Pilot journey or pick up where you left off before with a flexible program built to fit your needs. Our experienced CFIs will help you every step of the way.


Instrument Rating

Getting your instrument rating has never been easier. You simply pick your CFI and we provide the curriculum and training platform to get you rated safely and quickly.

High-Performance Endorsement

Looking to add a High-Performance Endorsement? We have the planes, the CFIs and the program that will get you there fast.

Why We Fly

Something unique happens when you merge great teachers with passionate aviators.

That’s the core of Bravo 6 Flight Academy. It’s more than loving the sky or passing on knowledge to the next generation of pilots.

Shaping the future of aviation and driving safer more fulfilling experiences in the sky is what drives everything we do.

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Becoming a Pilot with Bravo 6 is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Take Your Discovery Flight

2. Pick Your Certified Flight Instructor

3. Start Your Flight Training

Why You’ll Love Bravo 6 Flight Academy

Affordable Packaging

Custom Pacing

Monthly Intakes

Experience You Can Trust

What Does a Private License Look Like?

Programs starting as low as




Discovery Flight

Day 1

Day 1

Foundational Flight Instruction

5 weeks

3 weeks

Emergency Procedures

2 weeks

1 week

Knowledge Test

1 week

.5 week

Solo Proficiency Check

1 week

.5 week

Solo Flight

1 week

.5 week

Advanced Training

5 weeks

3 weeks

Checkride Proficiency Check

1 week

1 week

Checkride With DPE

1 week

1 week


Become a pilot in as little as

4 Months

2.5 Months

Most major airlines are currently looking for new pilots. We can help you get there.

John’s Story

“I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. The thrill and freedom that comes with flying drove me to Bravo 6 Flight Academy and I haven’t looked back since! This is hands down the best, most flexible, and safe way to pursue aviation.”

John Seal

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Explore the Bravo 6 Learning Library

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Understanding the Physical and Mental Standards for Aspiring Pilots

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Flight Training Through Simulation

Traditional cockpit-based learning environments pose challenges such as high costs, noise, sensory overload, and safety concerns. For those seeking a more cost-effective and productive approach to aviation training, the use of aviation training devices (ATDs),...
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What’s the Perfect Age to Begin Flight Training?

When it comes to taking flight, is there a specific moment to spread your wings? That's a complex question. Let's start with this: What's the best age to embark on a flying journey? Here's the deal: The answer isn't as straightforward as it seems. It all hinges on why...
Small airplane landing on a runway

Best Practices for Pilot Preflight Checks

Aviation, as a mode of travel, is an industry where safety is paramount. Pre-flight checks are the foundation of safety in aviation, and the best practices associated with them are indispensable. They form the first line of defense against potential risks and ensure...
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What to Expect on Your First Discovery Flight

The dream of flight has captivated humans for centuries. The idea of soaring through the sky, experiencing the world from a bird's perspective, is a fundamental part of our collective imagination. For many, this dream eventually evolves into a tangible desire to learn...
Small airplane landing on a snowy runway

The Role of Weather in Pilot Training and Safety

At Bravo 6 Flight Academy, we recognize that aviation is intricately tied to the ever-changing weather. As pilots, we walk a delicate line between man-made machines and the unpredictable forces of nature. Weather awareness is the foundation of safe and efficient...